Italian Piadina Bread – 3 pieces




Piadina is a type of Italian bread, typical of the region of Emilia Romagna.

Piadina is at the same time a tradition and versatility for its thousands of possible stuffings, it is creative and loved by everyone, and has managed to reach the tables around the world, becoming an internationally well-liked everywhere.

The ingredients are few and simple: water, flour, salt, extra virgin olive oil and lard.

The pack of 350 gr contains 3 slides of bread.



Loriana always carefully selects the ingredients for its Piadine, follows the tradition, without adding preservatives or dyes, and ensures its products freshness and fragrance.

Loriana products can keep a natural preservation for up to four months, out of the fridge.

The Piadine Loriana follow the ancient Romagna tradition and are always ready to settle for a fast dinner, a delicious snack, a snack or to replace the bread and make everyone happy with their genuineness.



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