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Maina’s wrapped gifts are based on the tradition of the finest confectioneries.

I Grandi Classici are wrapped in festive and elegant Christmas paper: a gift that will immediately take pride of place under any tree.Natural leavening according to tradition, superior quality of the ingredients and the slow and harmonious processes result in the incredibly soft and delicate Pandoro, unique of its kind. A product for real connoisseurs, lovers of delicate taste and quality. If Christmas came around more often than once a year, Maina wouldn’t have time to think. Because Maina allows all the time tradition demands for kneading, leavening, baking and cooling cakes for the Festive season

About the Brand

From the small confectionery laboratory of yesteryear to today’s large industry, the family that manages Maina has continued to see to production themselves, guaranteeing the excellent quality standards that have made the Maina brand name famous. Today, this family has become a great team, and combines traditional production methods and highly innovative technology, to offer everyone the pleasure of savouring their products.



Wheat flour – Raisins 18% – Hazelnut frosting 12% (Sugar, Fresh Egg white, Hazelnuts 18% corresponding to 2% of total ingredients, Rice starch, Rice flour) – Butter – Sugar, Fresh Egg yolk, candied Citrus peels 6% (Orange and Citron peels, Glucose-Fructose syrup, Sugar), natural yeast (contains wheat), invert Sugar, emulsifying agent: mono-diglycerides of fatty acids (of vegetal origin), whole fresh pasteurized milk, salt, natural flavours.

May contain traces of nuts and soya.



Brand of Italian desserts

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