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History, tradition, genuineness, respect for the territory and the environment are the principles guiding the whole Laudemio production process, from the harmonious management of the olive orchards to the selective harvesting of the fruit at its perfect stage of ripening, from the crushing of the olives to the mixing and rigorously cold extraction, right up to the bottling and careful storage of the oil. This half a litre bottle of olive oil is a showstopper, paired perfectly over a salad or in pasta you will enjoy every last bite.

About the Brand

In the Middle Age Laudemio was the flower for the harvest, the part destined for the lord’s table. The Luademio Of Gonnelli’s family, Tuscany oil producer since 1585, is obtained in the olf Frantoio di Santa Téa, inimitable expression of the fruit, the place and touch of the producer who gave it life. Production area of ​​the olives: according to the specifications of Consortium Laudemio.




100% cold pressed Italian olives

For more information about Laudemio and recipes using their products, check out our Italia Regina’s blog here!



Brand of Italian olive oil

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