Genovese Pesto without garlic – 85 gr


  • Italian Genoese pesto
  • Made with Italian ingredients
  • No garlic
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • 85 gr in a glass jar

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Genovese Pesto without garlic – A delicious selection of Italian pasta sauce, ideal for offering and sharing with family and friends.  Perfect for any day and events. Eat it with friends and family and bring Italian flavours on your table and in your life. High quality ingredients only, healthy and delicious. This Genovese Pesto without garlic was simply prepared according to the classic Ligurian recipe, that is with basil, pine nuts, authentic parmesan ‘Reggiano’, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. It can be used as a sauce for pasta or as a special dress for your salads to bring Mediterranean flavor to your dishes. The pesto recipe, as we know it, does not have very ancient origins, actually dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. But this condiment can only see the light if you think that Liguria is traditionally the cradle of aromatic herbs. The use of aromatic herbs for the Ligurians is a tradition that has origins in the Middle Ages, with different habits, based on social categories: the rich share their banquets with refined spices, while the poor used it to flavor soups that are not too tasty. This ancient tradition seems to have given rise to pesto, a cold condiment obtained from basil, in the dialect Baxaicò and Baxeicò (from the Latin basilicum). This plant, of Arab origin, boasts a curious botanical name: Ocimum basilicum, literally royal herb.

About the Brand

Nicolò Polla takes olive oil production very seriously to continue the tradition inherited for 5 generations. It was 1875 when Paolo Polla and his son Nicolo ‘started grinding olives in the stone mill in the Ligurian village of Toirano, halfway between Genoa and the French border, in the province of Savona and 3km from the sea. The harvest was transported along the ancient mule tracks that furrowed the hills marked by low stone walls, used to delimit the thin strips of land stubbornly cultivated. On these terraces, kissed by the sun and the sea breeze, the family’s centenary olive trees still grow today.


basil, pine nuts, authentic parmesan ‘Reggiano’, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil

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