Bio Italian Coffee Beans Monorigine Nicaragua – 450 gr


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Bio Italian Coffee Beans Monorigine Nicaragua has an almond blossom and soft fruit notes, with a cocoa, prune and hazelnut aftertaste. In Nicaragua, small producers belonging to solidarity cooperatives grow sustainable coffee with organic and artisanal methods. This coffee respects its manufacturers’, helps their families and does not impact on the environment. The Nicaragua Bio coffee for cafés, from the Trismoka Single-Origin collection, is the ideal base for creating an ethical coffee, with almond blossom and soft fruit flavors notes and an aftertaste of cocoa, prune, and hazelnut. It has an excellent body and a medium-low acidity.



Since 1978, Trismoka’s mission is to spread the coffee culture, selecting and distributing the best quality coffee. For Trismoka a coffee is much more than a drink, it is a small work of art, a source of pleasure that can only be guaranteed with a work of great attention to how coffee is roasted and prepared.
Trismoka is a family-run business that has handed down the art of coffee production for over 50 years, on the shores of Lake Iseo with the aim of creating a good espresso coffee and spreading its culture abroad.



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