Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin 1000ml


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The 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thanks to the use of quality raw materials, is perfect for seasoning salads and first courses, but also for savoring on bread alone.

Tin Can: 1000 ml



Marchesi provides only the best quality, D.O.P. certified oil. From the selection of the finest ingredients, to the bottling of the final product the oil is closely monitored to ensure a fantastic end product. During storage the oil in contained in specially designed stainless steel tanks, and also under nitrogen, a technic which helps prevent oxidation. Marchesi even perform chemical analysis and suitability tests on the oil, again as part of quality control.  Finally, the oil is subjected to a taste sensory test by expert tasters.

Marchesi oil comes from the nutrient rich land of Sabina, an area north east of Rome, in the centre of Italy.



Brand of Italian olive oil


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