L’Alveare del Cilento is a young, dynamic company that was born in the heart of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park. Working in the absence of the use of anti-cryptogram products, the company has adhered to a system of self-control for organic production as it is deeply connected to the area and its intrinsic values, whose heritage it seeks to preserve. The passion for beekeeping and the professionalism that distinguishes it has made it possible to choose excellent multiflora honeys and native monoflora. In this natural oasis, she has always grown the best fruits in order to guarantee her consumers the authenticity and quality of jams and jams, which are prepared according to a skilful craftsmanship. Extra virgin olive oil is the result of careful and rigorous selection. It is a fruity oil with hints of bitter and spicy with a delicate taste that goes well with Mediterranean traditions that use olives grown in the Cilento National Park, harvested with modern equipment and cold soil during the day

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